Types of Degrees in Nutrition

A degree in nutrition science is the best way to prepare for becoming certified to work as a nutritionist or dietician. Since both of these careers are in the health care industry – which is continuing to quickly grow – a degree is certainly the key to success.

A bachelor’s degree in nutrition is the foundation for a solid, flourishing career. This degree teaches students the principles of nutrition including:

  • How dietary choices affect a healthy lifestyle
  • Meal planning
  • A firm understanding of digestion, absorption, and metabolism of foods as well as nutritional needs at various stages of life

These, and other skills, help to create a the ability to work and communicate professionally in health care jobs, working in places such as hospitals, private clinics, community programs, schools, sports teams, and consulting with clients privately. Some even choose careers managing food service settings in places like hospital or college cafeterias.

A degree in nutrition is a very versatile and adaptable thing. Because of the number of places and positions that those with this degree find themselves working, the BLS notes that the average salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree working in one of these fields as a registered dietician or nutritionist was about $53,000 a year.. It is also marked as a field that is growing faster than average, like many others in the health industry.

A master’s degree in nutrition might provide students with additional work opportunities, either in counseling or teaching or research. Further study in the follow areas if often required:

  • Metabolic Disease and Prevention
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Biochemistry
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Someone with an MS in Nutrition can help clients further customize their nutrition needs and goals, work through past and current diet issues as they relate to mental health, work in laboratories studying nutritional supplements, or teach nutrition and diet at conferences or colleges.

    The study of food and nutrition is hugely important – it is the study of how to keep people at their healthiest for the longest time possible. Those who choose to make this their life’s work by earning their degrees should be able to find satisfying and rewarding work, while continuing to help people improve their lives and their health.

    Online Master’s in Nurtrition Degrees

    New York Chiropractic College MS - Applied Clinical Nutrition New York Chiropractic College – Located in Seneca Falls, New York, the New York Chiropractic College is one of the few schools in the country offering a master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition. Although a small school, NYCC is a long established, well-respected school with almost 100 years in operations. This program helps students prepare for several exams like the Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Specialist certifications.
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    Kaplan University BS - Nutrition Science Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science through online classes that cover how healthy living plays a role in health care. This program is for students wanting to start their careers in nutrition and is a stepping stone to earning a master’s degree. Kaplan has over 70 campuses in the US with its headquarters in Davenport, Iowa.
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