How to Find a Job in Nutrition

A degree in nutrition can be perfect for anyone from biology lovers to those who have always loved to menu plan. And just like there are many types of personalities, there are many kinds of jobs.

Mental Health Offices

Many private health care facilities, including both in-patient and out-patient clinics for mental health often employ nutritionists and dietitians. They work with individuals struggling with bulimia, anorexia, or other types of disordered eating. They can also work with those who are looking to overcome unhealthy physical habits, as most doctors believe there is a very real connection between physical and mental health.

Sports Nutrition

Sports nutritionists can find themselves working for college athletic teams, professional teams, or even working with athletes one on one. Though their kind of specialty might be considered a sort of niche market with fewer jobs available that other possible nutrition specialties, it is certainly still a viable and popular nutrition career.

Private Consultant

Many nutritionists and dietitians work from home, privately consulting with their clients. Clients can meet them in their home office or address them through email or Skype, discussing their personal health goals – anything from weight loss to meal planning to fitness. These kinds of consultants work to help advise them and encourage them in their progress. These kinds of consultants also frequently write blogs and articles in the health sphere as well; the only downside to this type of career is that it’s difficult to break into without some kind of substantial experience to discuss with clients.

Most jobs within this field pay about $53,000 a year. So how can you actually find yourself working in one of these jobs?

Meet a Nutritionist

Go to where the nutritionists are, and ask how they got their start. For instance, attend a class taught at a doctor’s office or college where a professional nutritionist will be speaking and stay late to make a connection.

Use Other Networks

Anyone who has gone to school to be a nutritionist has met other nutrition professionals, like professors. Use these resources for suggestions. Also, don’t forget about professional memberships that come along with being a certified nutritionist or dietitian.

Becoming a nutritionist takes hard work, and finding a job can take some time as well. But there are definitely jobs to be found and resources to find them, allowing those in the field of nutrition realize their ambition to help others with their health and their lives.

Online Master’s in Nurtrition Degrees

New York Chiropractic College MS - Applied Clinical Nutrition New York Chiropractic College – Located in Seneca Falls, New York, the New York Chiropractic College is one of the few schools in the country offering a master’s degree in applied clinical nutrition. Although a small school, NYCC is a long established, well-respected school with almost 100 years in operations. This program helps students prepare for several exams like the Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Specialist certifications.
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Kaplan University BS - Nutrition Science Kaplan University – Kaplan University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science through online classes that cover how healthy living plays a role in health care. This program is for students wanting to start their careers in nutrition and is a stepping stone to earning a master’s degree. Kaplan has over 70 campuses in the US with its headquarters in Davenport, Iowa.
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